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high-integrity enterprise

Zhejiang linxin machinery co., ltd. is a professional production series of polyurethane equipment, composite materials integrity enterprise, through the third party certification.

industry application:

Furniture, home occupation: sofa, mattess, memory pillow, carpet ground cushion, imitated wood seat, chair from knot leather armrest, imitated wood bed head, Europe type lamp dish, photograph frame picture frame, clothes hanger, model, show frame to wait.

Home appliances: refrigerator, thermos cup, water heater, water dispenser and other thermal insulation layer.

Construction industry: building wall insulation, roof waterproof insulation layer, cold storage insulation, decorative insulation board, background wall decoration board, imitation wood decorative lines, Roman column, plaster board, etc.

Transportation industry: aircraft and automobile interior decoration, seat cushion, armrest, headrest, door panel, dashboard, steering wheel, bumper, shock absorbing pad, fender, visor, filter seal strip; Bicycle tires and cushions; Motorcycle cushion, etc.

Leather industry of shoes: inner and outer soles, insole, artificial leather, etc.

Sports medical industry: volleyball, skateboard wheels, boxing gloves, helmets, kneepad, artificial human body, medical bed accessories.

Industry: mining sieves, mechanical cots, industrial casters, seals, shock pads, sheets, tires and other products

Packaging industry: environmental protection foam packaging, cushion, etc.

industry solution:

management team:

Special intimate after-sales team, let you worry about after-sales, we develop towards the direction of safety and environmental protection, carefully for you to create modern life intimate service, strong after-sales team support.