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Measurement and pressure classification of raw materials and components of polyu

Polyurethane foaming machine It is a kind of special equipment for pouring foam with good performance and wide use. It is made of foamed plastics by chemical reaction under the presence of foaming agent, catalyst, emulsifier and other kinds of chemical auxiliary agents.

According to the state of raw materials emerging from the nozzle, polyurethane foaming machine is divided into polyurethane spraying foaming machine and polyurethane pouring foaming machine. Polyurethane pouring foam machine is mainly used for plate, water tank, refrigerator, cabinet and so on.

According to the component measurement of pressure and mixing system, it is divided into polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine and polyurethane low-pressure foaming machine. Polyurethane high-pressure foaming machine is mainly used for thermal insulation wall spraying, car seat sponge supplies and other aspects, and no solvent cleaning is needed after use.

Polyurethane low pressure foaming machine is mainly used in petrochemical equipment, directly buried pipe, and sound insulation equipment, etc. Solvent cleaning is required after use.